• It’s been almost two years since we last updated Tumblr’s terms and policies. A lot has happened since then!

      To make sure these documents fully reflect our product and philosophies, and are as understandable and up-to-date as they can be, our Legal and Policy teams have taken the last few weeks (and a tremendous amount of care) to update our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Community Guidelines.

      There are a fair number of changes, so we insist you read them all for yourself. Some notable updates include:

      • Cleanup to make all of the documents more readable
      • Updates to reflect changes to our products over the last two years
      • Information about how we work with our new parent company, Yahoo
      • Credits for open source projects
      • Some language that makes it easier for U.S. government organizations to blog on Tumblr
      • An attribution policy reminding people not to be jerks
      • Updated annotations (!)

      You can review the drafts via the links above. You can also see every change, letter for letter, on GitHub (minus the plain English annotations).

      We’re planning to officially launch the new terms soon and we’d really love to hear any questions or concerns. Please write to policy@tumblr.com.