• A closer look at one of PixelUnion's featured themes: Simplefolio

      One of three new premium themes offered up by MetaLab, Simplefolio lets you use Tumblr to power an elegant portfolio.  Although it only supports photo posts, it does so with flawless attention to detail.

      Tags, pages, and contact options are tightly integrated, and the high-res photo pages are a sight to behold.

      It’s important to note that Simplefolio does not feel like a blog. But it does take advantage of Tumblr’s publishing tools to make it incredibly easy to build a portfolio.

      It’s drop-dead easy to get your work live in a couple minutes. With Tumblr, you not only have a great platform for your content, but anyone who likes your work can follow you and stay up-to-date as you feature new work. There’s a huge opportunity for exposure with Tumblr that you don’t get many other places.

      — MetaLab’s Andrew Wilkinson

      Check out Simplefolio in the wild:

      • Conversated takes the design a step further, adding their big colorful logo to the header. They’ve even integrated their existing blog, which is styled it to match.
      • Jason Chatfield's portfolio of caricatures uses the contact form to send visitors through to order custom art.
      • fraisecreative strips the theme down to its basics, tweaking the colors, fonts, and columns.

      Simplefolio is available in the Theme Garden for $49.  Check out the demo, and remember: Simplefolio is photos only.

      Thanks, PixelUnion!