• New feature: Tag filtering

      You’ve been able to enter tags on posts for a while using the “Show advanced options” link. Most people use tags to indicate categories or topics, such as vacation, music, photography.

      Today, we’ve added two new ways to use tags:

      Tags can now be displayed for each post in your theme (see the Custom Theme reference’s new Tags section). You can link to URLs that look like this:


      …where you can replace features with your tag name and use underscores to separate multiple words in a tag, like new_tumblr_features. Underscores in the URL are interpreted as spaces in the name, so that tag would actually be entered as "new tumblr features".

      The standard view shows posts in reverse-chronological order (latest posts on top), like your tumblelog’s front page. If you want the opposite (earliest posts on top), you can append /chrono to any tag URL to display the posts in chronological order, like this:


      It’s a great way to present all posts relevant to a certain event or a category (e.g. "photography tips").

      You can link to these URLs in your Description for commonly used tags, or you can link each post to its tags using the new Custom Theme variables.