• Tumblr was born and raised in New York City. Like many of you, it breaks our hearts to see our neighbors — those in New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas — experience such loss and hardship in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

      With hundreds of thousands still without power, water, and other basic human needs, our team was fortunate to have the help of friends and colleagues when we needed it. But others haven’t been so lucky.

      If you’re able to help, there are several organizations that are doing great work and can continue helping if we help them.

      Take a look at the list of organizations you can get involved with. Tumblr just contributed $10,000 to the relief efforts, and we hope you can chip in too.

      You can also follow the relief effort as it’s documented across Tumblr.

      From everyone at Tumblr, we wish you a safe and speedy recovery.