• It’s hard to organize Tumblr blogs by topic. A single one of your blogs may include your personal updates, your art, your opinions, and a YouTube video of a cat speaking Japanese, all in a single day. This has been a real limitation of the current Tumblr Directory. So, for the last few weeks we’ve been experimenting with some brand new tools for exploring Tumblr.

      The new Explore page organizes and filters posts by tag. This means that every tagged post has a chance to show up in front of an audience of millions that might not otherwise see it. Think Tumblr Radar by topic.

      Up top, the Tumblr Wire makes a return, pulling in featured posts in realtime. Below is a list of popular and trending tags (currently English only, with more languages coming soon). You can also Track these tags to get notifications on your Dashboard when a new post is featured.

      Make sure to tag your posts where relevant to help more people find you. You can still look up any tag using the search box on your Dashboard.

      We’ve already started finding posts and following blogs that we had no idea existed. Please give it a spin!