• It’s Tumblr Tuesday!

      You’re all probably sick of hearing about the small amount of snow New York City received over the weekend. That’s a real shame, because I’m going to talk about it some more. Look, I’ve never seen snow before, so this is a big deal. Plus, all those years in sunny Florida left me with some real misconceptions about how snow works.

      First, snow doesn’t just go away. It piles up and waits for someone to come cart it off to the snow globe factory or something. Second, snow gets dirty. It may be beautiful on Day One, but immediately after that it turns into a giant nasty sponge which grabs hold of trash and sometimes even people. And finally, despite the mess, it’s incredibly tempting to jump into a huge pile of snow whilst yelling “Cowabunga, dudes!” Seriously, I can’t make it out of my front door without nearly doing a cannonball in it. The only thing stopping me is the sharks.

      The more you know! And now, the Tumblrs you’ve been waiting for:

      Fresh Photons
      Interested in science but not excited about all the work involved? Fresh Photons is just the thing for you. You’ll find an infinitely expanding collection of science imagery here. Science is hard! Let’s enjoy pictures!

      Succeed Blog
      Succeeds are the opposite of Fails, so they’re kind of like Wins, but they’re much better than Wins because they’re Succeeds.

      This Tumblr blog features photographs of where we spend most of our days: work. Spanning several decades and several career disciplines, perhaps there’s even something here to inspire you to do something with your crappy office.

      La Cuisine D’Art
      A treasure chest filled with beautiful treats of the edible, drinkable, and audible varieties.

      Psychology news from a psychotherapist. My favorites are the results of experiments and studies: Doodling helps memory and concentration, the primal connection between smell and episodic memory is mediated by the hippocampus, and reading Tumblr Tuesday makes you more sexually appealing.

      I might have missed your favorites, so who do you nominate for the next episode of Tumblr Tuesday?