• Tumblr Tuesday

      Hey gang! How’s it going? Man, you guys wouldn’t believe some of the amazing things we’re working on over here at Tumblr HQ. There’s something magical around every corner. It’s pretty much exactly like Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory without the fruit-coated wallpaper (I’ve checked).

      On the other hand, we do spontaneously break into song after sending disobedient children to their doom.

      Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… The latest five picks for Tumblr Tuesday:

      We love stop-motion
      You’ll find the best stop-motion, timelapse, pixilation, and claymation videos on the web at this Tumblr blog. Videos are curated with a love for this timeless (see what I did there?) art, and submissions are encouraged.

      Neighborhoodr is a reader-generated blog network where anyone can quickly and easily post about what’s happening in their neighborhood. Focused exclusively on New York City for the moment, the network is made up of over 60 Tumblr blogs with each assigned to a specific neighborhood.

      Funny or Die
      Whoa, it’s the official Tumblr of Funny of Die! There’s lots of funny pictures and videos here that I’m sure you’ll love, and I’m not just saying that because they promised me a free t-shirt. (Look: I’m a sucker for free t-shirts.)

      Let’s All Help Brett Davis Meet Jeff Goldblum
      Brett Davis has a dream. You may not think it’s a very noble dream, but that’s because you’re not Brett Davis. If you were, you’d undoubtedly agree that the opportunity to meet the star of such films as The Fly and Jurassic Park is not only noble, it’s a moral imperative.

      Awesome YouTube Comments
      It’s my sincere hope, of course, that advanced alien civilizations never find out about this website. For if they do, the entire human race could be dismissed as nothing more than idiotic mouth breathers and forced into bondage by irate extraterrestrials. As much as I enjoy a good laugh, I can’t support gambling with the downfall of humanity like this.

      Now it’s your turn! What are some other Tumblr blogs that you’d recommend?